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From Legoktm

I'm currently working on building a distributed homelab. The goal is to be able to share and enjoy media in a manner that is fully self-hosted using only free software. Each node is fully self-sufficient but kept in sync with the others. There's no requirement that the nodes are on the same WiFi network, they might only be able to talk over the public Internet.

All customizations will be made via Ansible and every service used should be monitored with Prometheus (still in progress).


One monitoring and proxy server lives in The Cloud, with Prometheus and Grafana installed. Each node tunnels its prometheus exporters into this server using multi-tunnel.


  • walnut
    • laptop (specs?)
    • 4TB of external storage, in raid5 using ext4
  • pecan
    • raspberry pi 4
    • 10TB of external storage, btrfs


Airsonic runs in a Docker container because that's probably the sanest way to run a big Java webapp. TODO: Investigate switching to airsonic-advanced. Also needs some form of monitoring setup