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From Legoktm

multi-tunnel allows starting and managing SSH tunnels in a straightforward manner. Create a TOML configuration file, start the service and you're all set. If you change the configuration, send a SIGHUP (aka systemctl reload) and it'll start/stop tunnels as necessary.

Tunnels that get stopped or killed for any reason will be restarted after a 5-second delay.


For example, to tunnel httpd running on port 8080 to a remote server on 8000 and nginx running on port 8081 to 8001 on the remote server:

connection = ""

local = 8080
remote = 8000

local = 8081
remote = 8001

The name is arbitrary and is used only for log entries.


x64 and armv7 downloads are provided for each tagged release.


multi-tunnel is dual licensed under the GPL v3 or later OR copyleft-next 0.3.1, see LICENSES/.

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