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Spartan Daily

I served as executive editor for San Jose State's student newspaper, the Spartan Daily, during the Fall 2019 semester. I led a team of more than 30 student editors and reporters in putting out a print newspaper three times a week. The previous semester I served as a staff writer, putting out news, opinion and sports stories on a regular basis. My special focus was on basic needs issues, covering students facing food insecurity and the student homelessness crisis.

Reach Magazine

Reach Magazine is San Jose State University's student magazine, with one issue published per semester. My profile of Dr. Benjamin Mako Hill was featured in the Fall 2018 issue, with the title "Free and Open Software for All".

La Voz

La Voz is the student newspaper of De Anza College. I served as a staff reporter focusing on news in student government, and as well as writing features, opinions, and sports stories. In my second quarter I served as news editor, and was responsible for pitching story ideas, assigning them, editing, and page layout. Below is a selection of some of the stories that I wrote over two quarters.

The story "Fight Nazis with peaceful condemnation, not punches" won second place for best opinion story at the 2018 Journalism Association of Community Colleges convention. My photos from the "Eco-Pass battle" were used by the Mercury News and other community newspapers.